Each year citizens and decision-makers meet up at Folkemødet on the island of Bornholm to engage in political dialogue. Folkemødet is one of the biggest democratic events in Denmark, and this year – just like last year – the #FreeAlKhawaja campaign will be present during Folkemødet.

Who is Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja? 

Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja is a prominent human rights defender who has been imprisoned for life in Bahrain for his activism. He became engaged in activism in the 1970s after studying abroad. Working to improve human rights in Bahrain, his Bahraini citizenship was revoked, which forced Al-Khawaja and his family to live in exile. On 9 April 2011, Al-Khawaja was violently arrested, resulting in multiple injuries, most notably four fractures in his cheekbone and jaw. In June 2011, Al-Khawaja was tried by a special military court together with other well-known opposition leaders, known as the “Bahrain 13”. Here, Al-Khawaja was sentenced to life in prison



Where to find the #FreeAlKhawaja campaign at Folkemødet


Debate on the future of the UN 

Maryam Al-Khawaja will be part of a panel discussion on the future of the UN, including how to better protect human rights defenders like her father. 

Join us Friday, 14 June from 14:00-14:45 at J8 – Fremtidens Scene / Det Udenrigspolitiske Selskab. Title: “FN vil følge med tidsånden – hvad betyder det?” 


Come ask us about Al-Khawaja 

We will be going around Folkemødet and you are always welcome to meet us to ask more about Al-Khawaja. We will be wearing #FreeAlKhawaja t-shirts, so we will be easy to find! Please come and say hi! 👋🏽